This is a side project of mine.  Baseball may be my greatest obsession. Blogging my second. Well why not make a baseball blog? Alas, here it is. Most of the content here will focus on the Minnesota Twins, because I love them oh so much. But other topics around Major League Baseball will be discussed. I’m quite interested in statistical analysis, for whatever reason, so you won’t get a hokey Joe Morgan vibe from me (But then there are few blogs like this that will give you that vibe). I try to be pragmatic, but with a big picture perspective on things. For example, I will never advocate platooing Jason Kubel; I think he can get better against lefties and I think he deserves the chance to develop in that regard. Whereas some Twins blogs are pessimistic to a fault (Looking at you, SBnation), I like to have an optimistic view of things, firmly grounded in reality. My other blogging experience is based in humor, so hopefully this site will be good for a laugh or two once in a while. If not.. then I was never trying.


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