Looking at Free Agents and Trade Targets – Catchers

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Simply because I can. I’ll go position by position, because I’ve enjoyed that in the past.

Catcher – Most free agent options are exceedingly elderly. You can go with the walkless remains of 35 year old Bengie Molina, who seems to be trying to elongate his career by adding power as an attribute (His fly ball % was a career best last season). But seriously he’s walked 32 times in the past two seasons combined.


Thug lifeee

Destination? How about New York. I won’t specify Mets or Yankees.

Ivan Rodriguez exists, although at this point isn’t it about time he coaches somewhere? He’ll be 38 next year. In ’09 he couldn’t crack a .700 OPS. He wasn’t even that close. His strikeouts keep going up, and his walk rate is in decline. Ickk.

Destination? Texas for sentimental value. That’s the only value he has left. Bazing.

Miguel Olivo can get you decent defense and 20+ home run power, which is worth something, but certainly isn’t worth it for more than 4M a year. He’ll be relatively young at 31 next year.


Destination? Do I hear Blue Jays? They seem to like troublesome players that may be undervalued on the market. Plus they don’t really have any catching. Now that Greg Zaun is gone. Although who knows with this new guy Anthropopolis.

Chris Coste could perhaps parlay some Disney magic into hitting .280 with some power. But odds are against the 37 year old to be, as he stands at an extreme risk of being overexposed in a starting role for a team without an answer at catcher. Cough. Royals. But don’t you do it, Dayton Moore! There are two men on that team in Zack Greinke and Billy Butler who deserve better. Much better than Yuniesky Betancourt and Mike Jacobs and Kyle Farnsworth.

Destination? Minor League deal somewhere.

Jason Kendall hasn’t been good since the early part of the decade so don’t sign him (Dayton I’m warning you!).

Destination? Royals. It’s gonna happen. I feel it.

Greg Zaun is going to be 39…


Greg Zaun’s gonna throw down just like he throws out opposing base stealers. Oh wait..

Destination? The Rays like him or something. Go there, Greg.

Jason LaRue is 36? I start to feel old when players who were promising prospects when I started following baseball are all of a sudden on the verge of retirement. Then I remember that I’m not even 20 yet, and that if you look at LaRue’s minor league numbers he shouldn’t have even been considered all that promising (745 career OPS at AAA). Anyway, teams should pass on ol’ Jason.

Jason LaRue is ready to rock. Double A.

Destination? Retirement, or minor league deal.

As far as trades go, I will not list Joe Mauer as a matter of principle. However, why don’t more people discuss the Angels’ catching surplus? I mean, Mike Napoli is by far the superior player over Jeff Mathis (And is by far a better ladies man, as indicated below), who hasn’t demonstrated any ability to hit since he’s been in the majors. But Napoli still doesn’t get as much playing time as he should, so why not trade Mathis while he still has some value? I’d really like to see what Napoli does with 550 PA’s.


John Lackey looks like he moonlights as Steve from accounting.

Destination? I’d like to see the Pirates pony up Neil Walker or something for Mathis. May as well.

Anybody want Dioner Navarro? Bill James lists him as the most likely player to sustain or improve from last year. The Rays would be wise not to sell low on Navarro, but perhaps next year he could be a nice trading chip.

Destination? He sticks around for at least another year.

Also high on that list is Russel Martin, who has sucked increasingly lately. The man started thinking he was Derek Jeter, but forgot how to hit like him. I find Martin rather pompous, but he’s still young and has some value.

Russell-Martin-Cover-1.jpg image by cyclone2426

Tell me this is fake. Or else EA Sports has some issues with curses.

Destination? You know who would do this trade? The Red Sox. But I think they’re set on catching. Let’s see the Mariners, Reds or Astros try Martin on for size.

With Tyler Flowers pretty much ready, is anybody interested in A.J. Pierzynski? Or could the Sox trade the more valuable and cost controlled Flowers for some more thump in their lineup, while banking on Pierzynski having a few more good years in him? I don’t know! No one does! It’s Kenny Williams!

Ah, neither of ’em are going anywhere. Everyone likes catching depth, particularly at the trade deadline.

Me. I can run pretty fast, and I have a decent throwing arm. Passed balls and miscommunication with the pitcher could be issues, but honestly, look at the other options here. I’ll sign for league minimum I swear; would you rather give 1M or so to Paul Bako or Vance Wilson? Hell I’ll do under the table shit and sign for 500 bucks. Whatd’ya say, Royals?

Destination: KC!


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Offseason Diatribe – Chicago White Sox Looking at Free Agents and Trade Targets – 1st Basemen

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