Why New Yorkers are Assholes

October 10, 2009 at 11:11 pm Leave a comment

This has been said before. Although I should clarify that it’s New York baseball fans who can be the true assholes.

The game last night between the Twins and Yankees was awful. Just awful. But the Twins had leads for much of the game. During this time, the Yankee fans were silent. A few boos were heard. And of course they went crazy when the Yankee mystique went to Joe Nathan’s head.

But I’ll get to them later. Right now I’m watching the Cardinals Dodgers game. Matt Holliday just came up in the bottom of the first and was greeted with the most loving cheers I’ve heard for someone who has played with the club for less than 4 months. And this is the same Matt Holliday who dropped an easy, and game winning, catch only a few nights before to put the Cards down 0-2 in their NLDS.

The Cardinals are a fairly illustrious franchise, yet their fans were actually.. forgiving.. of their star left fielder as opposed to venomous and hateful. Which are emotions we’ve seen an abundance of from Yankee fans over the years. They hate indiscriminately; when things don’t go exactly as they wish, they boo. And they get pissed. Yankee stadium turns into a snakepit.

My favorite example was in the 2004 ALCS against the Red Sox. The bloody sock game. You remember. In the eighth inning facing Bronson Arroyo, Alex Rodriguez hits a ground ball fielded by Arroyo. As he is about to be tagged out, Rodriguez (With an odd air of femininity) slaps the ball from Arroyo’s glove, an obvious infraction that should have resulted in an out. He was initially called safe, which caused the Yankee fans to really get into it. They were down two with two men on now. The fans all saw what happened on the jumbotron; they didn’t care, they demanded for the ruling to be upheld. When it was rightly overturned they flew into a gigantic uproar. Security had to be called onto the field because whether A-Rod cheated or not, they were Yankee fans and they demanded victory.

And I’m sure not six Yankee fans give one shit about what happened last night.


Even the fans sitting ten feet away from the foul line that avoided Phil Cuzzi’s eye don’t care. They’re Yankee fans and teams from one horse states in the midwest don’t deserve to play by the same rules.

They’ll joyfully cavort with their Yankee fan friends about what a wonderful game it was.

Hey A-Rods back I was about to boo him cuz he hadn’t hit a homer yet but then badda bing he takes Nathan up the shitter.

Oh yeah that was awesome I was about to boo Texiera too for hitting under .300 for two games but I’ll wait until game 4 to boo him now since he got that homer.

You see that Mauer guy, let’s sign that guy he’s ok and Posada’s getting old.

Yeah we better if we don’t I’ll boo whoever we start at catcher till they fold under the pressure and turn into.. wait who was that guy who was good before he played for us and then sucked hardcore?


Oh yeah. Haha let’s go beat up some midgets.

I might be a tad bitter.


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