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October 9, 2009 at 9:21 pm Leave a comment

I’m listening to Woody Paige rip on Matt Holliday right now. Because he missed that catch that would have ended the game against the Dodgers that would have resulted in a 1-1 series tie. A terrible, crucial, error. Paige is talking about how Holliday was a terrible third baseman in the minors and that he’s been ‘hidden’ in left field ever since. He’s one of the worst left fielders Paige has ever seen. When informed that Holliday was one of the best left fielders in baseball from a statistical standpoint (He ranks second behind Laynce Nix in RZR among NL left fielders with over 500 innings played), Paige dismissed the comment because of what he’d seen. Apparently what he’d seen was Holliday in the minors at 3rd base, and then one missed catch in the 9th inning yesterday.

Matt Holliday fucked up. This time. At a terrible time, under the biggest magnifying glass. But seriously, what does him missing a basket catch in left field have anything to do with the following:

His overall defense in left field

His minor league defense at third base.

This is just a classic example of loudmouthed ESPN analysts saying obnoxious things without any evidence because the event in question happened on a gigantic stage. Let’s say Jacoby Ellsbury steals 2nd in the 9th inning against the Angels tonight but overslides the bag and is tagged out.

Woody Paige: HEY! I’m just SAYING that Jacoby Ellsbury oversliding the bag in the 9th inning makes him a GOAT. He CAN’T STEAL BASES I don’t CARE what you stat nerds say!

It’s a common tactic for unskilled baseball analysts.

Player makes mistake in particular area A.

Previous performance  B in that area ignored.

Hunches and cherry-picked observances C, from the player’s past are cited.

Extra credit for demonizing statheads of any sort.

Now use an obnoxious tone of voice and working for ESPN is as easy as ABC.


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